How to order?

1. Click the category you are looking for from "Order"

2. Select the product, select the required quantity, and click "ADD TOt CART".

3. Go to 1 to continue purchasing

 If all orders are complete, go to 4

4. Click "🛍 Shopping cart" on the upper right

5. If necessary, "Special notes for the storePlease enter your request in the column.

Example: I have an egg allergy, so without eggs, in a disposable container instead of a heavy box, etc.

6. After confirming that your order is correct,Select the desired delivery / receipt date and time (cannot be selected if it is closed or sold out, so please contact us if you really need an anniversary etc.) and click "Go to purchase procedure"

7. Select and fill in your contact information, delivery method and shipping address, then click "Proceed to payment" 

* 1 It is recommended to check "Save this information for the next time".

* 2 If the delivery address is incorrect or the input location is incorrect, you may not be able to proceed, so please check.

8. Select "Payment method", enter payment information, and click "Pay now"

9 When the message "Your order has been confirmed" is displayed, the process is complete.

Enjoy special Japanse foods and drinks.


Wait for the arrival of "Hanabu Samurai".


If you have any question, please contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.